Wang Xiao met with vice president of CPAFFC line

Recently, the Provincial Committee and party secretary Wang Xiao met with Vice President Xie Yuan, vice president of CPAFFC China Public Diplomacy Association Gong Jianzhong, international friendly city Chinese Federation secretary from a line of changqing. Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, Secretary General of the Standing Committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai attended the meeting with the Secretary General of the CPC Central Committee, mayor and vice mayor of the CPC Central Committee, vice mayor of the CPC Central Committee and mayor of the CPC Central committee.

Wang Xiao on behalf of the municipal government expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks. Wang Xiao said that the National Friendship Association and the friends of the city, Public Diplomacy Association plays an important role in foreign exchanges, made outstanding contributions.

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