City gov’t doctor wary of ‘miserable life’ at city hall

first_imgHe was given another option, saidCaspe – to go on leave for six months. Caspe said he felt oppressed. Caspe said he also told Tan he waswilling to prove to Treñas “that he could trust me as a public servant.” The doctor said he refused to “leavemy office because of the dengue crisis.” According to Caspe, twice he wasinformed through Dr. Annabelle Tang – a CHO medical officer and relative of themayor – that Treñas was mad at him and wanted him out of the city government. Treñas yesterday refused to comment onthe complaint. He tersely told journalists: “(City) Legal (Office) na lang na ‘ya maatipan.” According to Caspe, Treñas suspectedhim of campaigning for then mayor Jose Espinosa III in the May midtermelections. ILOILO City – City Health Office (CHO)chief Dr. Bernard Caspe has asked the Office of the Ombudsman to place MayorJerry Treñas and City Administrator Melchor Tan under preventive suspensionwhile it investigates the charges he filed against them. The first was on May 14 a day afterthe elections and the second on May 21, he said. “Melchor Tan told me it is the mayor’sinstruction that I will be out of the Iloilo City Hall by all means, thus, itis best for me to resign otherwise my life will become miserable,” read part ofCaspe’s Ombudsman complaint. Twice he was also told by Tan toresign, said Caspe, the first was on July 4 and the second on July 12. In his Sept. 20 complaint, Caspeclaimed Treñas and Tan pressured him to resign and made “threats of baselesscases and a miserable life” at city hall. His specific complaints were for gravemisconduct, oppression, conduct prejudicial to the best interest of theservice, grave coercion, violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Actand Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.center_img “I explained to Dr. Tang that I didnot campaign for Joe III Espinosa. She told me to think over the instruction ofMayor Treñas,” said Caspe. “I told her I cannot simply resign because my kidsare still small and need financial support.” He did no such campaigning, stressedCaspe, the CHO chief since July 2016 under the administration of then mayor JedPatrick Mabilog. “Remember, Treñas is the mayor andthis is our time. You resign if you don’t want your life to be a hell,” Casperecalled Tan telling him. “Paanosia mag-OIC kay ari ko gapungko?” said Caspe./PN In a press conference yesterdaymorning, Caspe further said Tang was acting and signing documents as CHOofficer in charge. The CHO chief said Tan further toldhim he would be facing many charges. Tan allegedly replied, “Okay, if thatis your decision. I will inform JPT of it. Be prepared for the consequences ofyour decision.” Caspe said he was removed from vitalspecial bodies and replaced by Dr. Tang. “I physically exist at city hall butdisregarded. I am receiving no respect but insults,” he lamented. “I have never committed anywrongdoing,” he stressed. He was told, said Caspe, that he wouldbe facing lots of charges if he won’t resign.last_img

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