Xining second economic census unit inventory completed more than 2 thousand and 600 people

  December 11th, reporters from Xining city by the general office was informed that, after a month of more than 2600 workers in our city to economic census unit inventory work has now ended, and through the evaluation of inventory data for December 31st, the second national economic census in the city officially began to lay the foundation.

to carry out an inventory of the unit, is in order to find out the city engaged in the second industry and the third industry of all kinds of corporate units, industrial units and self-employed households, the number and size of business activity categories and contact information, to accurately define the objects and types of the second national economic census scales, the implementation of the census registration responsibility. To ensure that the census release type census unit not accurate and not leak for the census census table printing and training, targeted to carry out propaganda and mobilization to lay the foundation for the economic census.

in the inventory period, I at all levels responsible for the census district environment familiar with field surveys, clear census region responsible for the street name, house start stop number, the number and distribution of master census areas of the buildings, on office buildings, residential and commercial buildings and all kinds of market situation and seriously draw the schematic diagram of census tracts. According to the diagram of the census area, along the route in advance to make investigation, carefully examine the survey of all kinds of documents and other information, to check the registration. At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy of inventory data, the city is also the second economic census unit inventory data assessment.


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