Three helping Huangzhong cultural industry agglomeration

on the morning of October 20th, the reporter saw Chen Guangde, deputy general manager of Qinghai margin wood carving technology Co., Ltd., he is working with several staff busy finishing the company’s related materials, ready to submit to the bank. Their company is applying for a loan of 10 million yuan to the bank, for the company to expand production, this time next year, the company will move into the cultural industry park in Huangzhong Chan beach.

Qinghai Hui margin wood carving Co. Ltd. is a private enterprise located in the village of Huangzhong County beach town on the Gan River, the company was founded in 2008, the main Tibetan furniture. Over the past few years, the company’s products in the domestic Tibetan region is very popular, but also exported to Taiwan and the establishment of an agency, but also exported to Mongolia and other countries.

Chen Guangde told reporters, although the company has been a good sales in recent years, but due to the current production capacity is limited, always in short supply. All along, the county government is also highly concerned about their companies, strong support. In particular, the province’s cadres to help enterprises steady growth in structural adjustment activities, the province, the city, the county cadres have repeatedly to understand the situation of the enterprise, to help their company ideas, think of ways. The helping activities, the company has settled 300 thousand yuan of financial support funds, and to coordinate the loan of $2 million as working capital. At present, the county has been for their company in the beach culture industrial park, 28 million acres of land, to invest in the preparation of the entire company to move all of the 27. This financial support 4 million yuan, loans of $10 million, investment of 10 million yuan. Under the strong coordination of helping cadres, this part of the investment of 10 million yuan has been implemented. Upfront investment companies only need to raise 4 million yuan. "This time but the busy helping cadres, from the feasibility report of the project to the land acquisition, from building design to fund coordination, cadres is small as do their own things at home, the truth let these business very moved!" Chen Guangde said.

in fact, like the edge of the Qinghai Department of wood carving technology Co., Ltd. in Huangzhong is not a two. There are 1219 types of small and micro enterprises in Huangzhong, including the nearest to the cultural tourism industry in the country, accounting for almost half of the 600. In recent years, the development of cultural tourism industry in Huangzhong, in spite of remarkable results, but there are still many bottlenecks in the industrial agglomeration and the scale of such enterprises. This time, the province’s thousands of cadres to help enterprises adjust the structure of steady growth "activities, provincial cities and counties three cadres to solve this issue, regardless of holidays, take leave of, in-depth business, Mopai, enterprise forms supe. Actively docking with the relevant departments of the provincial and municipal authorities to declare the project 58, for the support of 15 companies to fund $23 million 750 thousand. Supporting the project investment of 150 million yuan on the Xinzhuang Industrial Park and Chen Jia Tan cultural industry park has been started, Chen Jia Tan cultural industry park has collected 166 acres of land for construction, 7 cultural tourism project has been officially settled in the park, the whole work of helping to gather in Huangzhong County Cultural Tourism Industry is added a chai! (author: Hu Youjun)

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