Where should the college graduation file go

Another year graduation season, graduates are busy shuttling in the campus, for a variety of graduation procedures. However, due to various reasons, every year there are always some graduates do not know how to place their files, and eventually become a "stall"". Experts believe that the current situation, the file is directly related to the vital interests of graduates, how to deal with the file must not be ignored.

has never been to the unit files, their own custody more convenient, but also do not have to spend money." Talking about how to dispose of their files, have graduated from a university in Henan province for four years, Li Jiabin said, now if you do not go to a regular unit, there is no one to find the files you want, for me, it’s no use of archives.

and Li Jiabin, each year will produce a number of graduates in the abandoned stalls family, some schools in order to facilitate and save the cost of the map, sealed to the individual graduates. Many graduates in the unit due to the lack of qualifications to receive the file, or the unit does not require file review, from the date of graduation, the file has been lying in the graduate home sleep. Some graduates intend to graduate and apply for study abroad, are often eager to find work or do not understand the policy, not for any stalls or save away; transfer formalities, some graduates to apply for the account files previously stored after the expiration of temporary school, there are still some students for their stalls indifferent.

reporter in some colleges and universities and some job interviews, learned that many graduates do not know how the file should be stored, some of the previous graduates do not know where their files. University graduates files electronic files containing common entrance examination candidates, college graduates registration form, university transcripts, caucus materials, material rewards, students’ physical examination form, report card and other written materials.

The person in charge of the comprehensive business

college graduates employment guidance center in Jilin province said that the archives of college graduates is very important, is a true record of personal learning experiences, is an important basis to provide relevant personnel service for me. After graduation positive grading, title declaration, the purchase of affordable housing, apply for abroad, apply for pension insurance, such as the relevant certificate issued by the deceased, the child’s Fertility Indicators and household registration, may use the file.

Jilin talent market file management official said, for non-state units, because wages, positions are determined by the unit itself, positive rating on the impact of graduates. However, if the future changes in the work transferred to state-owned units, positive grading will be directly related to the vital interests of individuals. Files can be placed in the hands of graduates? Can universities give files to individuals? The "Interim Provisions" flow of personnel archives management clearly stipulates that the archives administration of floating personnel is above the county (including county) Party committee and government organizations of human resources and social security departments of the public employment service agencies and personnel, any other units shall be allowed to manage the flow of personnel archives; others non personal custody of personnel files.

issued by the Ministry of education "of college graduates employment policy questions" pointed out that no college graduates leave school;

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