Help pregnant women earn money to do business

many people today family living conditions have been improved, and in response to the national family planning appeal, many pregnant women are in old age after pregnant with a child, so are very attention, then what do specialized in domestic tire, but such a boring life makes a lot of people simply unbearable. Therefore, we can open a holiday home to help pregnant women to help pregnant business, so as to earn the money pregnant women!

before the community full-time wife and SOHO family very much, these gold and time of pregnant women after the day is very monotonous and boring. Want to see a movie, but the air in the theater is not suitable for pregnant women. If you want to travel to relax, travel with the group, people heard that pregnant women must try to dissuade; if conceal them, the risk will be encountered in those fierce taxing projects abortion. Can set up a special for pregnant tourists leisure professional places, that is to help pregnant holiday house.

"Zhuyun holiday house" is a customer leisure professional places specifically for pregnant, arranged for a greenhouse, insert foot room, music room, sun room, fetal education room, but also specifically for pregnant women with life consultant.

1, which is aimed at the high-end consumer groups of the project, the site should be located near the district. First, a good environment for the community, the two is the focus of tourists here. 2, to win in detail. For example, pay attention to the ventilation of the room, air quality, etc., in front of each seat should have a leg lift pad, because most of the pregnant women will appear calf swelling phenomenon.

3, the needs of customers in the first place. For example, pregnant women can not access, for this case opened "news room", the daily news sorted out, with a projector to show women reading. 4, in cooperation with the manufacturers in the consignment Yunying, holiday products, advertising etc..

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