Entrepreneurship should also know how to select high quality customers

believes that many entrepreneurs in the design of the product will be possible to meet the needs of customers, regardless of whether the product design requirements and the initial concept phase divergence, actually entrepreneurs should also learn about your users, do not let the low quality of the user product damage.

"low quality customers hate. They are concerned with the lowest possible price, unreasonable demands on your workload, work hours, and even the inevitable need to use the type of design you don’t like."

A, abandon them — fling caution to the winds cannot do without you

The first case of

1. concern cheap

The design of

select customers to be selective, when you become picky about the service object, customers will naturally become the high quality, they will:

2. bid based on your value

agree agreed delivery time and the number of work

The design of


once they stop for the customer, the customer is not low quality door. In the communication and telephone conversations with customers, they will give others an impression that they do not need customers.

for customers don’t fling caution to the winds. Let the customer need you. Do not have what if recommended

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