Building hardware store location taboo

a lot of building materials hardware store owner in the site, are very concerned about the flow of this element, that the greater the flow of people, the more expensive the shop rent is more suitable for the shop. So, isn’t it? Obviously not. If there is such a thinking, will bring you into a trap: rent, high cost, large passenger flow, but is into the store rate is low, the turnover rate is low, low profits.

therefore, the flow of people is important, but more importantly, the lot of people flow is not the effective flow of your brand. That is: the target consumer groups gathered. Brand positioning is a certain area, from the customer’s age, occupation, social role, economic income and other elements of the target consumer groups to different places to buy. Therefore, the overall positioning of the business climate to determine the mainstream positioning passenger.

site selection, to take into account the surrounding environment of the shop whether there are spots like the same thing, whether it affects the customer’s shopping mood. For example: a lot of shops upstairs tenants have the habit of littering, so invisible, so that customers in and out of the shop feel taboo, there is a great sense of insecurity.

shop location, but also to consider: the convenience of customers in and out of the store, such as: whether or not the entrance stairs too high or too low? Does the road block the safety of walking? Is there a public toilet, garbage can or dirty smell next to the shop? The trash and public toilet is often found in the street, but if there is such a thing in your choice of shop next door or, can not be too can make customers happy.

open a building materials hardware store, to know how to choose the site, do not touch the above location of these taboos, to get the opportunity to develop steadily. In addition, in the building materials hardware store shop location also need to analyze terrain features shops: high visibility, not by the surrounding buildings, billboards, trees shelter place built. In short, the site is a technology, but also an art, the right to get long-term development.

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