Depending on the business model to become a college student scam and ultimately escape the law

Since the

2014 proposed double slogan, college students entrepreneurship in China began to enter the period of development. Many college students hit the market to start a business. However, due to lack of experience and knowledge of the law, many college students who embarked on the wrong path.

enrolled in a university in Zhangjiagang Chen, at the end of 2014 for a well-known university installment of the clerk of the company, the business agent of two universities in local student loans. From the outset, but Chen did not want to return the loan, but the use of the circle of students continuous development of offline marketing for fake loans to new old cash hundred yuan. This "pyramid" with similar net lending problems soon, Chen finally due to funding strand breaks were detained by police.

by illegal profit, even if be shaped into entrepreneurship model, not legitimacy cannot hide its behavior. Dignified and imposing entrepreneurship, down to business, is the right choice.

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