President Trump Claims “Big Success” on Turkish-Syrian Border

first_imgPresident Trump: “Let someone else fight over this long, bloodstained sand.” Speaking from the White House Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump claimed “big success” on the Turkish-Syrian border.Trump said a permanent ceasefire is in place, the Kurds are happy, ISIS fighters are under lock and key and no American blood was spilled.Trump said the oil in the area is secured and is being guarded by a small number of American troops.The president also said others in the region will help maintain the peace along the border and our soldiers are home after ten years.Trump also announced that U.S. sanctions against Turkey are being lifted. He reserved the right to reimpose sanctions, if necessary.Trump noted that there will be a “safe zone” and argued that the volatile region will become more stable. He defended his recent decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria, claiming the move was a huge success.last_img

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