Man travels to St. Lucie County to meet his long lost father

first_imgA Virginia Beach man traveled nearly 900 miles to St. Lucie County to meet his long lost father.Rod Hobbs, a father of two, told CBS12 “family is everything,” and for that reason, he spent years searching for his biological father.Hobbs worked closely with private investigators, and found a Port St. Lucie man who goes by “Bobby.”Bobby dated Hobb’s mother while he was training for the U.S. Navy., but lost contact after he was deployed.After 32 years of searching, Hobbs traveled to meet Bobbly, and soon after, two DNA tests confirmed that there is a 99.9 chance that he is his long lost father.Bobby said he never knew about the pregnancy, and offered an emotional apology to his adult son.Hobbs, now 47, said, “it was difficult growing up without a father,” and shared details of his struggle, which included him having to move out and live on his own at the young age fifteen.However, in spite of the hardships he’s faced, Hobbs has found it in his heart to forgive.“It’s the family I wanted my whole life that I didn’t think I would ever have,” he told CBS12.Click here to watch what happened.last_img

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