New device to get West Palm Beach drivers to pay up

first_imgA big heads up, because there is a new device coming to West Palm Beach that is expected to hold drivers accountable and reduce violations.It’s called the Barnacle, an immobilization device to expedite revenue collection.Rojay Morrison, who is a local parking enforcement representative, says they are specifically looking into expired meters, registrations, and handicap parking violations.He also said officials would begin driving into parking garages for a list of other non-moving violations including, expired tags, protruding vehicles, people taking up two spaces.The move comes as parking spaces have become limited in recent months due to the areas in the city that remain under construction, according to West Palm Beach Parking System Administrator Edward Davis.“We had to have an effective enforcement program to ensure that those who pay for their time on the meter adhere to that time and once that time is over with they need to go ahead and depart or either move to the garages, so we have spaces available on the street,” said Davis. “I think we had cases where there has been up to $600 to $700 worth of unpaid tickets by the time the boot had been applied.”Effective Nov. 6, the Barnacle will now be placed on vehicles within city limits that have three overdue violations.Parking enforcement says it’s faster and easier for them to apply and remove than a boot.There will also be a GPS tracker inside and an alarm that sounds if motorists try to tam with it or attempt to move the vehicle.The new system is expected to “help drivers adhere to the posted parking restrictions,” Davis added.last_img

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