How to manage the elderly in Sichuan

China’s aging population continues to accelerate, more and more elderly people in the community need more care. Many young people work outside all year round, home only Empty Nester at home for Empty Nester care is very important! So, how to carry out the elderly Sichuan grid management?

accelerate the grid management of the elderly. The Agency (Group) as the basic unit division of the corresponding region to determine information liaison, regularly visit and help the left behind Empty Nester, grasp the dynamics of the rural left behind Empty Nester, avoiding the occurrence of accidents; to stay empty nest elderly disabled object census based cellular localization.

survey of 60 – 80 years old because of illness or disability, the basic loss of self-care ability of the elderly over 80 years old and the elderly left behind, and register, establish personal information and accounting, positioning and tracking care services left behind Empty Nester; to social service agencies, charitable organizations and other social organizations volunteer organization for the network coverage, and actively participate in the activities of the elderly care service.

accelerate the construction of pension service system. Introduction of preferential policies to accelerate the construction of pension facilities. Has built 82 public pension institutions, private pension institutions 23, 2 urban and rural community day care center 21, 334 Provincial Rural happiness hospital, the social care service demonstration community 14, 16 thousand and 500 pension beds, basically meet the "three" and "empty nest" for the elderly care service needs. Meanwhile, the government actively promote the purchase of home care services, the implementation of the 80030 difficulties, the elderly elderly home care services.

accelerate the improvement of the elderly preferential benefits system. Further improve the preferential treatment for the elderly, the development of appropriate Pratt & Whitney type of welfare for the elderly, the elderly seriously implement the old age allowance system, improve the standard of care for older than 80 years old.

positive for city public transportation, highway, waterway transportation and other forms of care and priority services for the elderly, elderly people over the age of 70 and free to take the city bus policy; actively explore the establishment of long-term mechanism of home care services, the implementation of families of disabled elderly, elderly people living alone and 80 years of age and older home care for the elderly service policy.

accelerate the construction of old age association. The construction of the city, county (District), township, village (community) four old age association network, the urban community elderly association construction rate of 100%, rural elderly association coverage of up to 90%.

nearly three years, the association of the elderly to create a successful demonstration of the Provincial Association of 10. Integration of existing aging resources, explore the home care service model. The orphanage, nursing homes, elderly activity center, the village (neighborhood) committee office and other venues and facilities, laying a solid foundation for the grassroots elderly hardware association.


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