Food industry food business process management process

food and beverage industry, there are some undocumented operators, because of illegal business, food safety issues are not guaranteed. Here Xiaobian to remind you that we do not do illegal things, you want to have to go through the formal procedures, can not be too troublesome.

"food hygiene law" stipulates that food production and business enterprises and food traders, must first obtain a health permit, you can apply to the administrative department for Industry and commerce registration or change registration. The methods for the administration of the issuance of health certificates shall be formulated by the administrative departments of public health of the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. Since January 1, 2016, food distribution and food service business license will be " two card a ". After the opening of the new "food business license", the original "food circulation license" "food service license" to stop issuing. Before the food operators have received "food circulation permit" "catering service license", the original license in the period of validity can continue to use; in January 13, 2016, the State Council executive meeting decided that the integration of the restaurants, cafes, bars, cafes, 4 kinds of food and beverage service public hygiene license and business license, by the food and drug regulatory department of a license, unified supervision, and assume the corresponding administrative responsibility. Food and beverage services in public places and two of the food license business license into a rapid integration phase. And the first quarter of 2016 to complete the "ID card" licensing of food business in the country, to facilitate the replacement, permit, the goods permit procedures described below, other relevant documents with a similar procedure, only for reference to the use of the catering enterprises.

food license processing flow:

1. submit documents to apply for replacement

2. receive food business license

. The food business license for material preparation:

1. "food business license application";

2. business license or legal person registration certificate, such as a copy of the main qualification certificate (with the original proof). The applicant shall submit a copy of the certificate of the legal person registration certificate, registration certificate or business license of the promoter (such as a copy of the original), and

3. "the legal representative (person in charge) registration form", "food safety management, food safety professional and technical personnel registration form" and the legal representative (or responsible owners), food safety and food safety administrator of professional and technical personnel a copy of proof of identity (with original proofreading);

4. food and beverage service operators shall submit the name of the food safety administrator and the local provincial food and beverage service food safety administrator training certificate

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