Lupari calls for overhaul of the leadership of PNGFA

first_img“Since I have been involved in the soccer administration in the country over last 3 years, I saw soccer has a tremendous potential to advance but sadly this cannot be achieved because of the manner in which Soccer is administered by the PNGFA.The administration of soccer is serially monopolized; it is run by select group of individuals. Every aspects of the soccer administration is managed and controlled by few people. These people do not want to accept changes, and they do everything within their power to stop changes, said Lupari.I see the similar trend I saw in the administration of Rugby League in the past. Few people think that they own the Office, and become so territorial about it, and refuse to listen to changes and new initiatives. That almost killed rugby league in the country.I am seeing the same thing happening in the soccer in the country. I have come to love the sport, because it is universal, family based and skill full and beautiful to watch. It has huge potential in the country and it would be sad to see go this path.Since my appointment as Chairman of NSL, we have tried our best to further develop this semi-professional competition, but how hard we try it has been difficult. It has been extremely difficult to deal with the leadership of PNGFA.They simply don’t want to see NSL grow. That is really sad.NSL has to operate like business if it is to develop. That’s why when I was appointed Chairman of NSL; I overhauled the Board, and brought in people with corporate background and public administration. It has been a frustrating 3 years of the Board, because every change we proposed got knocked around.I have decided that I will not continue as Chairman of NSL if there is no change in the current leadership of the PNGFA.PNGFA need people with right attitude, visionary, smart and progressive thinking. More importantly, leaders who wish to work with all stakeholders including the Government. My Board’s achievements are clearly there for everyone to see.(a)  We have successfully renewed our major corporate sponsorship with PNG Telikom Limited;(b)  We have attracted other minor sponsors such as ExxonMobil and MRDC, and currently negotiating with another major corporate entity for 2016/2017 season;(c)  We have attracted the attention of the National Government, who have provided support to the NSL and soccer in general. The Govt has made available sporting facilities for NSL use, K20.0 million for the Under 20 FIFA World Cup, K2.0 million for our National Under 20 Team, and committed to provide annual grant to NSL for the next 3 years;(d)  We have successfully lured other provinces to field their franchise in the NSL competition. We have Eastern Highlands, Madang, Oro, West New Britain, and soon for 2016/2017 Gulf, Enga and Milne Bay provinces.(e)  We have also secured newly refurbished Sir Hubert Murray Stadium, when it is completed to be the “HOME OF NSL”.These are some of my Board’s achievements and there are many more which we would like to do for NSL and soccer development in the country. But sadly, the attitude of the leadership of PNGFA leaves us no choice but vacate from the Board of NSL.My message to everyone who love soccer is simple, if soccer is to progress, leadership in the PNGFA has to change Now. Otherwise, we are all wasting our time.”last_img

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