What are the names of the lubricating oil companies

now many investors want to give up, although an appropriate name, but because of the naming too strange, even the name of the company which group of Chengdu is not clear, but also to talk about an appropriate name on what. So, what are the names of the lubricating oil company?

1. lubricating oil company’s name: the company name is generally composed of four parts: administrative division + name + industry + organization.

example: Shanghai (administrative divisions) + compass (name) + Travel Agency (industry characteristics) + Limited (Organization)

The name of the

2. lubricating oil company: 2 or more Chinese characters.

3. lubricants company’s industry characteristics: including product name, industry name or industry name, such as trade, information technology, advertising, business management, etc..

4. lubricant company’s organization form: limited company, Limited by Share Ltd, Group Co., ltd..

in accordance with the provisions of the company law, a standardized enterprise name: the domain name, name, industry, economic nature of four parts.

if you are now with the name of the plan, but do not know where the name of the company can start. So, with the above analysis of small series, and now if you want to play a suitable lubricant company, you know how to do it?

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