What do you want to watch on the nternet

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in the online business, you must be careful to beware of traps, should pay attention to in the online business place is particularly much, if you are interested in this, you can continue to look at the analysis, in the online business should pay attention to what? Let’s take a look!

a. Note that the address provided by the


two. Note that the entity wholesaler company name

all generally have a lot of web pages, find the names of the suppliers, to check and see if there is, if anything, is how to introduce, and whether you purchase the types of goods. In addition, the company name entity also can check the relevant business license.

three. Note that the

way to provide remittance wholesalers

if you purchase it from the network, it will have money, what money is, you can find a lot of doubts! In general, the entity of the company when the wholesale network, if it is very formal, it should be provided by the company account rather than personal accounts. In addition, many suppliers and suppliers also agreed to talk about, some Alipay money (so you can save fees oh). There is a way, through the courier company’s cash on delivery services!

four. Note that the wholesaler telephone number

five. Note that wholesalers offer website

if the supplier has its own sales website, that is to look carefully, you can study him inside the goods, and then he ask questions by asking, you should also be aware of one or two, even if the questions have no way to answer, then this is true it is doubtful, but there are many frauds when trained with regularity, so ask questions, be sure to ask the fine, there will always be a vulnerability is a liar!

six and number >.

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