The woman should be how to set up his own attitude

woman is born? This is a question for many people. Some people will feel, these people have a good father, a good husband, a good bole. Maybe someone can help you succeed, how to manage this success, that is the ability of individuals! The woman should be how to set up his own attitude? How to become a woman?

1. don’t have to plan your career. In the most influential business women list, including from 2006 has been ranked first in the Pepsi Co (PepsiCo) CEO Indra, most of the people who graduated from college or business school and no clear career planning. Instead, they remain flexible and open to any possible opportunities and challenges.

2. forget the promotion ladder; use the workplace as a climbing rack. The world is changing too fast, elusive, ladder in the end what is the point? Who can foresee the most ideal job tomorrow? Think of your career as a climbing frame, open your eyes, open your eyes, and look for opportunities from around you.

3. focus on the immediate. Jane Fields initially in the S (McDonald) is responsible for the work of fries, through unremitting efforts to become president of McDonald’s u.s.. She said: "even if the current work is not good, how to talk about the next job?" Fields said that a final goal of course is very important, but first of all must focus on the current work, otherwise there will never be a long-term opportunity."

4. aimed at the general direction of life, do not have to care about gains and losses. It can be said that AVON Products Inc. (AvonProducts) CEO Jung’s success is this sentence. At that time, she was defeated CEO, for the first time in the competition, as the AVON board member, former times group (TimeInc.) CEO Moore gave her this advice.

5. adventurous. 1999, Marisa Meyer (Google), currently vice president of Stanford University (StanfordUniversity) graduated from the, received a master’s degree in computer science. At that time, there are a number of well-known companies to extend an olive branch to her, but she chose to set up a new start-up company Google.

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