New Hagie Commodity Delivery System at Fennig Equipment

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest In partnership with Fennig Equipment in Coldwater, Hagie Manufacturing is pleased to introduce the Hagie Commodity Delivery System (CDS), an innovative solution to add value to self-propelled applicators with capability to perform full season dry fertilizer, nutrient and cover crop inter-seeding applications.Designed to complement the Cover Crop Interseeder (CCI) product line for the STS series sprayers, the Hagie Commodity Delivery System extends application capability with utilization of a pressurized dry application system, stainless steel metering system and application specific distribution towers. With proficiency to apply denser seed mixtures at higher rates, as well as to perform fertilizer applications in up to a 90-foot swath, the Hagie Commodity Delivery System maximizes application versatility and productivity.“We introduced our FE4R system to Hagie Mfg. to help streamline the highboy concept of applying cover crops and dry fertilizer on a 90-foot boom. This system is well designed and expands the capabilities of the Hagie unit by allowing the farmer to utilize it not only as a multifaceted liquid product delivery system, but also a dry delivery system. It allows a variety of cover crop and dry fertilizer applications throughout the season, with a section control meter and a pressurized tank, they team up to bring the customer the best cover crop and dry fertilizer system on the market,” said Gary Fennig, Fennig Equipment.Clients using the Hagie Commodity Delivery System have seen capabilities with various applications including 100 pounds of cereal rye at 8 miles per hour, 120 pounds potash/MAP mix at a 6- to 7-miles per hour range, along with 20 pounds of annual ryegrass applied at 14 miles per hour Operating at a 50% field efficiency, clients can experience a 20 acre per hour productivity increase when utilizing the Hagie Commodity Delivery System as a result of the expanded application abilities and boom width.“A trend toward more intensive management has led producers to include cover crops into their crop production strategies.  This large capacity applicator is coupled with new precision options, making it a premier tool in cover crop application,” said Newt Lingenfelter, Senior Product Manager. “Additionally, the ability to perform dry fertilizer application in standing crops leads to optimum machine utilization for the Hagie owner.”With up to 90-foot spread widths and unparalleled six section product control, the Hagie Commodity Delivery System is compatible with 2007 and newer model STS sprayers. Manufactured by Fennig Equipment, with distribution and installation performed by Hagie Mfg., the system includes a 140 cubic foot pressurized tank, six outlet stainless steel metering system, and is equipped with a scale that can be upgraded to an ISO interface. Equipped with air cylinders that hook in with precision rate controllers, growers are able to utilize sectional control with applications. The applicator carries a two year warranty on new Hagie sprayers and a one year warranty on pre-owned Hagie models.The Hagie Commodity Delivery System brings to the market an innovative solution for optimizing full season dry fertilizer, nutrient and cover crop inter-seeding application, while maximizing the value of your machine.Fennig Equipment opened its doors in 2011 to address a need to assist farmers in maximizing their crop yield through sometimes very tough crop and weather conditions. Concentrating on cover crop seeders, fertilizer placement, residue managers, seed bed prep and planter accessories, Fennig Equipment is currently the largest distributor east of the Mississippi River.To learn more about Fennig Equipment and specialized farming products, farm equipment and cover crops, please visit or for dry applicator questions, please contact Gary Fennig at [email protected]last_img

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