Wuhu high tech business center entrepreneur Zhou Hui into the National People plan

before, our people want to study abroad, in foreign employment, enjoy the high quality of life abroad. Today, with the strengthening of the overall strength of the domestic, entrepreneurial environment has become better, more and more people to return home to create a cause. At the same time in order to prevent the loss of talented people, the state also launched the "thousand person plan" strategy, Wuhu high-tech business center, a post which entrepreneurs.

the Zhou Hui, selected, is another important achievement of the cultivation of talents work center. In the future, the center will vigorously implement the State Council "guidance" on the development of the public record of space propulsion mass innovation entrepreneurial spirit, relying on the already built Anhui’s first high-tech public record space — hit off the Silver Lake Island, to create new business service platform with low cost, convenience, all elements, open, attract more high-level, heavyweight talent back to Wuhu entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to seize new heights.

The core power

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