Suitable for small sellers who opened the Taobao crowd

is a strong asset, Ho throw daughter, do promotion propaganda, Taobao shop online with high popularity. Some entrepreneurs have limited financial resources, can only be used as a small seller. In fact, small sellers must first understand why you want to open a Taobao shop, is to earn a lot of money, in order to make a living, in order to experience to do business or for clearance?

2013 years ago, that is the person to open a store basically doesn’t have to take care of it when lying to make money don’t come back, now Taobao competition, large investment, more pressure, you have to understand the products, proficient in packaging, know the data analysis, computer operation (including basic PS retouching), the knowledge of marketing tools to understand how to use the Taobao background, have time and patience with your users.

there are three kinds of people are more suitable to open a small seller Taobao crowd:

The first kind of

: No. A little spare cash at home, and not what job, but there is no pressure to survive, just family resources can find in user demand and profit margins are also good products, idle is idle, a Taobao store also can play, happy reception about selling sellers, not happy, direct referrals play, love who, I don’t serve. This situation is the dream of most people, but the reality is often cruel, most people do not have this life, this can only recognize and endure.

: second. Hold the others to get the product resources, the price is especially advantageous or special products are unique, this one does not have a semicolon, not the Internet to sell all over the country’s netizens that is silly.

third: entrepreneurs. In order to make the future do encourage entrepreneurship to become a rich person or want to make life better some people from the business, Taobao started, it will let you learn the basic knowledge of marketing, let you know how things are going to sell, you sell what is right, where you can find the right products the source, how can you sell something, how can you put the user, but not to bother God scout next time you are willing to buy.

In addition to

marketing, psychological quality can also be a great exercise for you, let you meet when no business in no hurry, do not worry, users encounter tricky encountered bad liar in no hurry, when the upstream suppliers fail in no hurry, when Taobao rules punishment is not urgent, a strong heart who are not afraid to Lao Tzu, even Taobao are done, but also afraid of what. If you do, conscientious to finish a complete cycle of product marketing in Taobao, even if I fail this time, for you is also a very valuable exercise, is a fortune, to do other business after your ideas and practices will be completely different, your chances of success will become the higher the.


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