What are the shortcomings of small shops in the promotion

is different from the big shop, small store operators are often subject to a limited financial and material resources, therefore, even if the promotion is also very limited, has a very large impact on the further development and business. Perhaps because of these restrictions, resulting in small shops in the promotion of a lot of defects. So, what are the shortcomings of small shops in the promotion?

advertising investment generally less.

small shops in advertising investment is generally less, even if some boutique specialty stores, too.

publicity and utilization of a single channel.

small shops are generally the use of local newspapers, but also focus on the evening news, occasionally the use of radio, there are a few shops in front of their own shop to do a few light box advertising.



some small shops only at the time of opening, just pay attention to do some decoration, promotion or leaflets, and other things, while other time is mainly busy business.

publicity industry narrow.

small shops are mainly concentrated in some hotels and some stores.

lacks a publicity brand.

some small shops with no name, just hang a sign, saying "smoke wine encyclopedia" and "dumpling house" or "barber shave"; some even have names, but often similar, such as "Sichuan Hot pot shop", "old Sichuan Hot pot shop etc..

"color of life" is stronger.

some of the smaller shops because of commercial integration, so the "living color" is strong, some putting pots and pans, some busy mending, some of the clothes hanging around, these emotions can not be said to the customer shopping has no effect.

restrictions on any one of the industry has so many shops, if the promotion is not in place, but also how to protect the store later get better development? The above problems reflect a considerable part of the small shop owners brand awareness is not strong, but also did not recognize the importance of doing a good job in the promotion of store management. In short, in the current business environment, want to let the shop has a better development, but also need to focus on publicity and promotion.

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