Shandong provincial garbage 600 tons of waste sulfuric acid to Henan

we were living in the same earth, the earth is our common homeland, not to mention that we are a country, after the provincial garbage behavior was found for public disgrace. In order to deal with waste sulfuric acid, a chemical plant in Shandong gang will pull 600 tons of waste dump in Puyang County waste sulfuric acid plant, eventually waste sulfuric acid into the ground, causing local large area crop death, rivers, soil pollution, various property damages totaling more than 1800 yuan. In October 11th, Puyang County Court held a public hearing along with environmental pollution cases, the case of 12 defendants constituted the crime of polluting the environment at different time.

is not qualified to publish online acquisition of waste sulfuric acid information

2014 in July, the defendant Guo in the absence of hazardous chemical waste disposal, the acquisition of the qualification situation, the acquisition of waste sulfuric acid released information on the Internet, the defendant Meng Moumou as Shandong Hua super Chemical Co. Ltd. sales department sales clerk in the online publication of waste sulfuric acid and rest, the defendant Wang to see this information, knowing that Guo did not dispose of waste sulfuric acid qualification, still contact the defendant Meng Meng Moumou, Moumou knowingly Guo, Wang did not dispose of waste sulfuric acid qualification, still contact with two people and the company signed a contract of disposal of waste sulfuric acid.

accused Bai Moumou, Du Moumou as birch super chemical company’s sales manager, the staff, knowing that Wang and others did not dispose of waste sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid waste disposal qualification still signed a contract. To 360 yuan per ton price Wang disposal of the company’s waste sulfuric acid. Wang and 330 yuan per ton price so that the company from the company to dispose of waste sulfuric acid, Wang, Meng Moumou respectively, were $15 per ton.

smuggled more than a thousand tons of waste sulfuric acid discharged into Hanoi


from November 2014 to the incident, Guo Moumou hired the defendant Gao Moujia, Gao B driving Guo Dongfeng semitrailer from Shandong Hua super Chemical Co. Ltd. and integrity Fanxian Chemical Co., pull a thousand tons of waste sulfuric acid.

during this period, the defendant song Moumou, Wang Moujia, as the defendant Kwak friends, classmates invited by Guo Moumou, knowing that the matter for the handling of Rafah and other matters related to the removal of sulfuric acid is still accompanied by several times. Pull the waste sulfuric acid Guo 140 yuan per ton price for Chu Moumou (handled separately) disposal of more than 700 tons of waste sulfuric acid.

Chu Moumou will waste sulfuric acid dumped on the defendant by the defendant Wang Mouyi Wei Moumou, Wang C in the Village rental northwest abandoned factory hospital. The rest of the waste sulfuric acid to 3500 yuan per vehicle price for Shandong city of Liaocheng province Chiping County Zhao Moumou 14 car about 420 tons, Zhao Moumou will dump waste sulfuric acid in its riverside sand stone yard, through the pipe into Tuhai Hanoi.

large area wheat polluted, contaminated sites in flat state fee of 180 recommended

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