The children’s photography company has only one thing to do in life

do you believe that a photography store has been focused on one thing? In fact, the operating principle of this shop is very simple, it is not only required to consider the bigger and stronger, doing fine, so you can specialize in, by virtue of a technology to conquer the market.

"right time, is to seriously do something" is the movie "sushi God" in a line.


and these people after their years of hard work, persistence and exploration has become a leader in the industry. For example, a children’s photography company, its annual sales of up to 200 million, in just two days before the end of the China children photography good photo contest, team won 11 photography awards, the group has won three consecutive years of domestic gold group, second to none.



or persistent

2015 in April, a piece of land in Yunnan by Erhai, Li Lian is shooting a group of photos, shot the girl in his model. "Come on, little girl, put these red shoes on."." Li Lian went to the little girl. The little girl was so happy that she put on her red boots.

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