90% startups will disappear is not alarmist

is now the scale of most of the start-up companies are not very large, small and medium enterprises how to develop in the market for a long time, is the issue of every start-up companies are thinking. Relevant information shows that the technology industry is currently in a bubble, the current round of technology bubble burst, the 90% start-up companies will disappear.

"if it is a technology bubble, then this one bubble is because of a relatively small amount of money and inflated. This seems to be in a very strange way to describe the valuation of billions of dollars of late start-up companies, due to the huge valuation of these startups will be on the headlines every day. But, let’s take a look at the sources of investment of these companies: mutual funds, sovereign funds, hedge funds, and especially interested in entrepreneurial companies and other large investors, such as satellite Internet startups (OneWeb $500 million financing of the company recently from Coca-Cola investor) injected a large number of the consortium, in view of this. Technology start-ups future "money king" faces a lot of uncertainty."

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