The next year or the ban caused by violence the business on the verge of extinction

because the number of saury declining, people want to eat this delicious food have huadajiaqian. The recent news, saury next year or the ban, because the business caused by violence on the verge of extinction!


saury next year or the ban, in March 29th, the reporter was informed that the production plummeted, with industry speculation may ban saury next year, March 1st after the arrest, Shanghai saury prices than last year doubled.

however, Chongming Xi Jia Gang operating in more than 20 years of Jiang knife Peng boss said that this price is not necessarily true of the Yangtze River saury prices. But Jiang Dao, Lake knife posing. Because, even if the wholesale price is rising all the way, this year. On Saturday, the Yangtze River saury wholesale price has reached 15000 yuan / kg, 28 days down slightly, 11000 yuan / kg, 29 yuan / kg, to 8000-9000.

"2 more than two, especially the 2.5 more than two of the" big "high prices, but still hard to find" a knife "." Peng boss said, compared with last year, the production of Jiang knife reduced by 80%, the price nearly doubled. And most of them are knives".

"no access to the river knife, in recent years is very tight." The owner Zhang said, last year they will have people waiting to return the boat in the river, there are a few to a few, "now go to is white." According to his introduction, is divided into small and large saury, last year is new year, this year will not yield much, plus the spring of this year the Yangtze River water temperature is low, affecting the normal saury migratory, have some influence on fishing.

for thousand yuan / kg saury market, insiders said, these are either the sea or lake knife knife posing as the river knife, or small knife weighing less than 50 grams. These are generally used as hotel saury saury ravioli raw materials.

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