Shops need to do a good job in winter fire prevention work

operating a shop, in fact, throughout the year there are a lot of things we need to pay attention to, and for the arrival of the winter, the operators also need to be very careful treatment. In short, as the weather is getting cold, a lot of shops with no heating, the heating stove with a stove in the store, we must put those flammable and explosive goods such as fireworks, firecrackers, paper and other paper products put off fire as far as possible, to develop good habits, not the napkin, melon skin casually stacked or thrown into the furnace surface, will not throw cigarette butts burning trash, cleaning ash in time.

Winter is the season of

thieves rampant theft, also with the weather getting colder and more, so we must do household retail store security work, do not let down, for thieves to take advantage of the machine. We will store windows check reinforcement, conditional must install anti-theft alarm device is in store appliance living is to be ready for self-defence, nip in the bud.

I remember a few years ago we have such a hotel name cigarettes were still in the District, near the residence in the shop owner, on the day of the cold weather, the wind, roll gate a lot of shops were blown and crackling sound, in the night, the owner Yang heard a sound, will wear clothes see from the back room, locked from the inside of the glass door was smashed, three thieves are installed in the closet for cigarette sack.

he shouted to scare the thief, but the thief didn’t run, fell upon him, Yang Wu hurried back to run, a thief is not into the room was out over a knife, he fell in a pool of blood, the thief can quickly lift the packed cigarette fled Yao yao. At this time, Yang Renzhaojutong, took out his mobile phone to call 110, but in 110 years time will be sent to the hospital was able to save a life.

just a few days ago, our wholesale market took place here burst fire, originally because of the cold weather, the owner put a stove in the shop store because of internal combustion, just buy a lot of fruit, the owner will sell fruit boxes too close to the fire, to the middle of the night because of the wind outside, the stove fire rolled out from the bottom of the furnace filled with ash, lit fire box.

in the store to find the owner of the shop has been helpless, they quickly rushed out of the door to call the fire 119, and woke up next to the shop owner. Such as fire brigade rushed to the fire is difficult to control, several fruit shop around is under siege. After a night of fire, the fire was completely extinguished, his shop just came in the about one hundred thousand day fruit by the fire burned to the ground.

a case to say, let a lot of people shocked, this is really the experience of blood and tears, ah, is really a painful lesson ah, we

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