Xiamen second hand housing buyers to vacate a Wang

As a coastal city in China,

Xiamen, as the first city of reform and opening up! For Xiamen, but also has been much attention. Currently, the Xiamen real estate or in full swing, we look at what is going on!

recently, the public Mr. Lin sold the house, ready to change a bigger house, but yesterday to the city administrative service center for transfer procedures, the site’s popularity really scared him. "The dark is the people, not the house transaction is so popular recently." He said.

was anxious to buy and sell quickly while anxious showings "strong circle of friends, please recommend the island 4 million yuan high-quality private housing Shoufu best not more than 2 million 200 thousand yuan, the best in fanghu area." 4 days ago, Ms. Lai to find room in the circle of friends post, and explained that he was "not simply to vacate the nouveau riche".

contrast, family wards Ke action relatively quickly, beginning in mid May May 18th to settle on a house, and in May 19th it signed, and then sell their houses, sold in May 24th. Mr. Ke said, to sell the house in the Siming District, an area of 80 square meters, and then to buy a set of more than and 100 square meters.

saw prices rise, Mr. Ke also worried about his life, so intends to transfer formalities. At the same time, he also quickly rented a house, ready for the transition when the new house decoration.

is also wards, Mr. Shi was not so lucky. He has a head of the river is located in the residential area of 60 square meters, taking into account not enough to live, is going to buy a large second-hand housing, after the Spring Festival, he was looking for in the cypress area, seeing the area of the housing price from 27000 yuan soared to 30 thousand yuan, still can not find a suitable. Half a month ago, he finally decided to sell the house, but has yet to buy new houses, that side house side impatient.

buyers of second-hand housing turnover for the Wang family of


reporters found that family wards of a buying and selling, has become one of the important factors of the Xiamen property market continued hot.

in March and April this year, the Xiamen property market turnover soared, the industry generally predicted that the fiery situation is difficult to continue. However, from May turnover situation, although the volume of residential decline, but the heat has not completely dispersed. Yesterday, for example, the Xiamen online real estate data show that yesterday, Xiamen primary residential turnover 141 sets of second-hand housing turnover of 323 sets.

statistics show that in April, Xiamen primary residential turnover of 4871 sets of second-hand housing turnover of 8695 sets. And in May 1st, -5 recommended