What can be the name of the dry pot shop

dry pot this special food category because delicious, which has a high popularity, but the number of shops are operating too many, therefore, if you want to play on the business is good, a proper name is a very important thing. So, what can be the name of the pot shop?

dry pot shop name: Poly full

interpretation: not only young people love, also can let them take the family to eat; the name of gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, generous.

dry pot shop name: Pan Lai Le

interpretation: for the homophonic allusion here, wish your restaurant customer eating delicious, even if there are many disappointments, as before the door of hunger, all came up; also a layer of meaning, eight party money, you are to come.

dry pot shop name: a pot

interpretation: less than the Great Wall of non hero, do not eat this dry pot.

dry pot shop name: Chuan Ji dry pot shop

interpretation: name of Sichuan, simple atmosphere, is easy to remember, and like the time-honored.

dry pot shop name: haokoufu dry pot shop

interpretation: This is called haokoufu, especially.

dry pot shop name: dry flower pot shop

interpretation: the flower is also very catchy, very suitable for restaurant.

dry pot shop name: Ding flavor

interpretation: flavor and beauty Ding Ding overflowing the pot top; taste, taste, Xiangpiao miles, and was the ancient cooking vessel is equivalent to the pot to stew and a fish. Since ancient times, "Dingshimingzhong" idiom to describe aristocratic luxury living. Incense, as the old saying goes, is not afraid of deep alley, incense and incense also said Chinese Xiang Hot pot is not afraid of deep alley.

dry pot shop name: dry dry pot shop

interpretation: the first three words four tone sound, the first word is assumed to be two dry for third names, eat; easy to remember, popular, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.

dry pot shop name: lianguoduan

interpretation: simple and easy to remember, dry pot fragrant to destroy it, young people love.

dry pot shop name: Fort