What is the direction of College Students

college students in the current era of the country’s strong support, but also has become the choice of many college students. However, due to lack of experience, a lot of money is not enough, therefore, if you want to get the success of entrepreneurship, nature also need to choose the right direction. So, what are the direction of college students?

entrepreneurship for college students, can be regarded as a way to alleviate the pressure of employment, many college students are entrepreneurs empty have a heart of entrepreneurship, but do not know where the effort, entrepreneurial orientation is also very good choice for university graduates, when it is to choose their own and compared to the direction of development, so as to have a good chance. Today recommended to college students a few entrepreneurial direction, if you have the idea of entrepreneurship, may wish to consider.

college students entrepreneurial direction:

in the forefront of the high tech college students, business in this area has a First come, first served. advantage, easy to get the ark "," Shimeile "entrepreneurial business success is due to the advantages of entrepreneurs. But not all college students are suitable for entrepreneurship in the high-tech field, in general, deep technical knowledge, excellent academic performance of college students have a successful grasp. Students interested in Entrepreneurship in this field, can actively participate in various types of entrepreneurial competition, to get the opportunity to stand out, while attracting venture capital.

recommended business opportunities: software development, web production, network services, mobile game development, etc..

college students entrepreneurial direction two: intelligence services

students venture is the intellectual capital, entrepreneurship in the field of intelligence service, college students cope. For example, family education is very suitable for college students entrepreneurship, on the one hand, this is the traditional channels of college work study, has accumulated rich experience; on the other hand, college students can make full use of educational resources, and more easily earn first pot of gold". This kind of intellectual service business project cost is low, a table, a telephone can be opened.

recommend business opportunities: tutor, tutor intermediary, design studio, translation office, etc..

college students entrepreneurial direction three:

statistics show that in the same business area, the success rate of individual entrepreneurship is less than 20%, while joining the venture up to 80%. For students with limited entrepreneurial resources, with the help of the brand, technology, marketing, equipment advantages, can be less investment, lower threshold to achieve their own business.

but the franchise is not a "zero risk" in the current market, the students involved "dragons and fishes jumbled together.

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