Yurun cold meat to join simple money

2017 make money the most simple project selection, to choose to join the Yurun cold meat? Good taste, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Yurun cold meat to join the project, what are you waiting for?

Yurun cold meat stores always adhere to sincerely treat each franchisee and consumers. At any time, do not hide their problems, honest and courageous, not greed, do a respectable business in the future, Yurun cold meat stores will continue to adhere to the people-oriented, service to enhance the brand value of the business philosophy, to provide more considerate service for the franchisee to provide more high-quality products for consumers. At the same time for the full implementation of the company’s localization strategy objectives.

Yurun cold meat joined the money?

the future, Yurun cold meat franchise company plans to 3-5 years in Ningbo to invest in the construction of a set of R & D, production, sales, storage in one of the modern industrial park, to meet domestic consumer demand for high-quality, diversified gongs cold meat products to better.

in the catering market, join the Yurun project of cold fresh meat is always very hot. Yurun cold meat to join, worthy of our attention and choice, it is worth joining!

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