Run a shop at these points need to pay attention to

entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, of course, the franchise is not easy to choose. For a person, if you open a shop at the most need to consider is the source of problems, only the customer to bring benefits for you, but how to run a shop run? Note the following points need to remind everyone to pay attention to.

at the greengrocer’s business needs to pay attention to what matters

store location is very important

although it is no longer a new thing to eat old pork ribs on a lonely street in a Mercedes Benz, this is of course an indication of the attractiveness of the feature. But not that the location of the store is not important?. In particular, just start a shop, the location is very important to choose. Of course, we have a basic consensus on this point. In practice, the problem is often a good location is difficult to find a store, or find the store rent is expensive several times.

positioning its own customer base

generally take food consumers are low-income people, the city’s most common for young women groups or students. The majority of women are more interested in stimulating food, while the students are most like the low cost of food and beverage, 35 yuan for the working families and students can accept. This positioning is accurate or not will determine the future development of store business!

streamlined decoration features

ordinary people in the business of snacks will enter a misunderstanding, that is, the store decoration to luxury, to grade, in fact, is wrong. Because your business is not a hotel, snacks, to most of you this consumption are low income, you will get a lot of guests luxury decoration directly in the door, and take food stores are generally inexpensive, streamlined characteristicto good store decoration.

clear flagship product

determination of main products, the main project is located at your restaurant’s theme, and various publicity and guidance in this respect, other products can be used as additional products, subsidies in the seasons when the business. This can guide consumers to your restaurant for the purpose of the theme of consumption, the long and the formation of the brand effect.

auxiliary dishes can not be less

open restaurant, should have their own flagship varieties or specialty products, and often in one or two main varieties or specialty products, supplemented by a number of general products, thus forming their own flavor characteristics. The following conditions can also increase the drinks, so as to increase the profit for taking food stores.

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