Need to grasp the essentials of entrepreneurship

you may want to have a new business in the new year to make money to make money, but how to do it, the following is a summary of a number of small business essentials, and share with everyone to share it.

1 if your business is not for the money, not for profit maximization, it is called a charity! You go under the nursing home on the line, do not have to register the company.

2 need to endure loneliness and temptation. When you have no money, you have to endure loneliness.

3 if you are on the analysis and policy. The same TV newspaper, please don’t start. Obviously you don’t have the ability to think independently.

4 connections do not mean the president, director, director, chief. Contacts are all you can call the relationship and resources, people are the carrier of all elements.

5 on the way out: kill basically dead and more than students, so be sure to keep one foot.

6 on the allocation of resources: resources utilization, flexible use. The pull of the front is too long. In addition, all you can rely on the resources, whether your parents or friends, should all be used. Resource is always remember not to spread the resources The more, the better., invalid, and waste.

7 do not enter unfamiliar industry.

8 as far as possible the use of mature technology, new technology has a lot of uncertainty.

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The other half of the

12 holds, your face will not be Everything is going smoothly.

13 Xinruzhishui: if the world is from time to time to bring you some surprises, please do not start. Because you don’t have enough experience.

14 social contact in less than 5 years do not start. Unless there is a transient opportunity.

15 according to 125% of the budget for the funds, after the start, there will be many more than the local budget.

16 confidence: if you don’t believe in yourself, who do you believe? Sometimes I need to fight to win or die of courage, determination and courage. The loser to lose like a hero, die die as a martyr, do the preparation.


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