Business needs to respect the choice of customers

believe that many customers have encountered such a thing, obviously he bought the goods delivered, wait until after the discovery of the switch. No matter what kind of reason, if there is no communication with the customer in advance, such a private delivery, no doubt can not meet the needs of customers. Therefore, no matter what kind of business we do, in fact, we need to respect the choice of customers.

late last July 20th, her brother chose a cover type "inverter air conditioner Fuxing" vertical beauty in the county of Suning, the two sides negotiated price of 5480 yuan. Miss Zhang is responsible for the sales of this inform stock or not, have to wait two days before shipment in Nanjing can be installed, her brother agreed to this, then invoice payment.

however, the afternoon of the second day, air conditioning is sent by the loose leaf type common. His wife is very puzzled, how do I choose to change the style of change, in advance did not inform the slightest reason? So take the invoice, about me to go to the theory. We explained what he wanted, clearly put forward the transfer of goods. Who knows that Miss Zhang said: "this factory has long been offline, is no longer in production, even next year after tomorrow and never have them, I said yesterday no spot. Now we send you the frequency conversion, and you choose the price is the same." His wife insisted that it is not to say that the frequency will do, their fancy is the cover type, it is the style.

I said: "you said there is no spot does not matter, we are not on the spot delivery, is in accordance with the meaning of the goods you sent today." She said: "the manufacturers do not produce, or you return it!" We say: "is not that simple? Why didn’t you say you had shut down yesterday? Now that no goods, wasted our time, and the walls have been made in how to do?" The two sides insist on not, after consultation by the mall to be resolved.

so I think a lot. Some businesses in order to pursue their own interests, often the customers choose not to, do not respect the choice of customers, without love. Customers entered, the first general blandishments allow customers to pay, then the implementation of the switch, or shoddy, or to the East West charge. Careless meet customers easily and meet customer to muddle through, seriously ethical, they tried to defend themselves, try to put the blame on the customer, the customer is wrong and so on.

even said: "the two What one says is plausible. the price is the same, not the same?" But note that some commodity trading, not because of the price, you can freely exchange. Because of the different customer preferences, fancy is the section of color, style, size, and the change is not the same; and the food taste different, because of different formulations, customers all have love, how can free exchange?

not long ago I was in a wholesale department had to buy invoice "Deluxe" milk, finally is "Golden".

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