Bohai wisdom to create a new platform to tap the depth of the new media business value of the busine

when the Internet business has become a trend, entrepreneurs need sometimes, whether it is a hero for the times, or heroes, entrepreneurs are more and more young people choose. In order to better promote innovation and entrepreneurship, Bohai wisdom to create a new media platform to build a new media.

2015 years, the community attaches great importance to explore the vertical industry, the value of the media from the media business.

"Internet plus", "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is written into the government work report, the second Internet Conference held in Zhejiang Wuzhen China, artificial intelligence, UAV and cloud computing and other new technology research and development, so that a new round of the wave of information technology development in the field of new media, the transformation of traditional media to new media direction gradually, part of the new media financing, since the media size has a huge fan base, the emerging field of the increasingly active to promote industry development, financing pace is accelerating.

in the background from the media development, the city of Bohai wisdom honeycomb space public record with the trend of the times, the use of their own advantages, is committed to building the Bohai ring area of new media entrepreneurship vertical field, gradually create their own brand characteristics.

wisdom hive public record space relying on powerful media, with investment funds, to build Tianjin’s first since the media business platform, support new media projects, providing new media for cultivation of traditional enterprises, accelerate the development of existing media guide.

the wisdom of the public record space hive will organize a series of activities, including inviting well-known mentor industry carry out online and offline open class; expanding the training camp, enhance the vitality of enterprises, to help traditional enterprise to carry out the new media transformation, sharing the true story of entrepreneurship, do business information of new media platforms have temperature.

2015 years of entrepreneurial hot word "Internet plus" has given many well-known in direction, now is the era of the Internet, entrepreneurs should take this force, accelerate to realize their entrepreneurial dreams of wealth!



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