How to operate a restaurant to increase repeat customers

there are a lot of shops, once we went on to go again, however, some shops, once went to no longer want to step into the step, which is the difference. If you want to successfully run a shop, naturally need to do that people go and want to go to the shop, and this is the repeat customers. So, how to operate a restaurant to increase repeat customers? Let Xiaobian to analysis and analysis.

1. charges transparent

consumers in the dining room dining, want to understand the consumer, the most afraid of the restaurant secretly knife kill. And once the situation was slaughtered, the customer will not be afraid to consume.

in fact, consumers may not be afraid to spend money, but consumption is not clear, not willing to spend money. Therefore, restaurant management projects must be transparent, even if it is a cup of tea, a napkin, must be transparent, and not have to hide the behavior to the consumer. At the same time, be sure to allow consumers to clear the fees and charges before eating, to ensure that consumers clearly choose and decide.

2. is good at listening to the opinions and suggestions of consumers

only listen to the views of consumers and suggestions, to grasp the consumer’s needs, dissatisfaction, timely detection of problems, and learn from other restaurants strengths, improve their work, so that restaurants to maintain a high customer satisfaction rate, improve the restaurant’s reputation. You can set up a suggestion box, and the views of customers to reward.

3. keep consumers in mind

put the consumer in mind, ask the waiter after professional training, there must be a "gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory skills". Remember the name, identity and eating habits of the customers who visit them frequently. Do this well. Consumers can personally feel the food shop service attentive, thoughtful and respect for consumers, thereby improving consumer confidence in food and beverage stores, increasing their chance of coming again.

4. welcome love "consumer

in the process of food store business, sometimes north and South have the company encountered some of the more difficult consumers. In this regard, the restaurant operators should be viewed from another perspective of such consumers, clever response.

if there is no love "of consumers, restaurants will be difficult to find the usual subtle problems, thus affecting the development and progress of food stores. So, for the love of consumers "restaurants are not rejected, but to welcome them with a sincere attitude, to provide more attentive service for the consumer, and listened to their reasonable recommendation

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