Dalian invested one hundred million yuan to cultivate innovative talents

the competition of the future world industry will be the competition of science and technology, the competition of innovation and the competition of talents. In response to this trend, Dalian invested more than one hundred million yuan to support the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurial talent training.

the talents of science and technology support program to support the object including the national people plan entrepreneurship, candidates for the national program to promote creative talents for technological innovation and entrepreneurship, meet with independent intellectual property rights or master the core technology, with independent entrepreneurial experience, familiar with the development of related industries; venture with Dalian city industrial development oriented and the technological innovation needs etc.. This year, plans to support the selection of science and Technology entrepreneurial projects 20, support cycle of 3 to 5 years, each of the proportion of new investment projects by not more than the proportion of the total amount of $1 million to $5 million to support the venture capital.

for selected personnel and team, Dalian city will be based on the development situation, achievements give subsidies, the national science and technology projects, supporting the risk with investment, loan interest, supporting the industrialization and other support policies in support period according to the provisions.

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