t takes a lot of excitement to start a business

today, entrepreneurship is a hot topic, many of my friends think entrepreneurship should be safe, do not have too many ideas and action adventure. In fact, a solid or seemingly safe things are not necessarily, sometimes, entrepreneurs will need to be a little crazy.

for some crazy idea of entrepreneurial projects, Wang Qiule said that regardless of the ultimate success of the project, but first of all in the spirit is to be encouraged, as investors he also support such things.

he do a laser projection light source to the company as an example. In the current iMAX almost monopolized the big screen display technology, the company feels that they have the ability to create a new standard of the Chinese people to do their own to change the industry. It is understood that the company has established a joint venture with China, and in the market has invested hundreds of pieces of screen.

and entrepreneurs need a little crazy spirit, investors in recent years with crazy investment, Wang Qiule said, now the investment fever is a normal phenomenon, because of the influence of many factors such as technological progress, productivity has been released, in this case, the economy will have a very big jump, investment is also natural to be some of the popular industry and market.

on the risk investment industry in the future, Wang Qiule said that the current development of risk investment in China is not a long time, have joined the investors are basically universal, but the industry is growing.

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