After 80 rural entrepreneurship rabbit high profits

now in rural entrepreneurship has become widespread, every year there are a lot of young people to return home to start, now the national government for rural areas of entrepreneurship to give a lot of policy support, is also a major cause of getting young people back to rural entrepreneurship.

but rabbit is not to say that you can feed the rabbit raising, need careful care, a little inattentive lost wife of another soldier. Because there is no epidemic prevention work, all more than and 100 rabbits died, Lan Yunjie lost a few thousand dollars, the first venture suffered a failure, not a small blow to him. The failure of the lessons let Lan Yunjie understand that raising a rabbit is a fine technical work, did not grasp the true breeding technology, is simply not able to earn money by raising rabbits. So he went online to understand the relevant information, when that has advanced the rabbit technology when a rabbit Ltd. Wuzhou Mengshan County, he was again out of pocket to the company training spending 1 months learning.

"after construction for half a year, we are the first batch of rabbit slaughter sales, was a total income of 4385 dollars, now I still remember very clearly," for his rabbit the first barrel of gold, Lan Yunjie fresh, since the first batch of rabbit after selling, merchants have to nearby towns phone orders, rabbit demand the situation.

when this year on a certain scale after the rabbit Park, then, Lan Yunjie invested 150 thousand yuan, the new rabbit houses more than and 600 square meters, purchased cage position more than 1 thousand and 600, the purchase of a set of feed processing equipment. The plan for the development of base of 600 rabbits, planting 20 acres of high-quality wood grass, when the annual slaughter commodity rabbit only about 18000, the output value reached 1 million yuan. "We are now looking for their own County shop, sell rabbit Park, to form a one-stop production and sales, the rabbit industry bigger and stronger."

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