Clothing store promotion theme set three principles

want to open a good clothing store, promotional activities can not, want to promote the promotion out, then the promotion theme to pay attention to. As an important promotion theme promotions, must not be empty words and words, the best is catchy, but also to be perfectly logical and reasonable. In general, the theme of the clothing store promotion should be in accordance with the following three principles.

1, promotional themes and consumer interests related to

clothing store promotion is for consumers, then the theme of promotional activities must be from the consumer point of view, reflecting the interests of consumers. If you can not clearly indicate the interests of consumers in a sentence, you can add a sub theme. For example, a businessman in the father’s day to launch Thanksgiving father’s day as the theme of the event. So this topic is not related to the interests of consumers, you can add a sub theme.

2, promotional theme to be easy to spread

clothing store promotional activities to disseminate information to attract people to participate and attention. So, as an important promotion theme promotional information is not "big talk"". But easy to pronounce, conducive to the spread of. In addition, the promotion of the theme of the promotion can also do something unique, so more conducive to promotional information publicity.

3, promotion theme and brand strategy combined

clothing store promotions are not simply to enhance sales, but also to enhance the role of brand image. If the promotion can not allow consumers to have a positive brand association, or just remember the promotions do not remember who engaged in the promotion. We can not say that this is a successful promotion, and sometimes even counterproductive.

clothing store promotions often do, there are holidays, so the promotion theme needs to think a lot. Some of the stores for convenience, will be a year among the multiple uses of the same theme, it is obvious that such a practice is not desirable.

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