Fuzhou is the most expensive land prices are too high to be reached

house is the most fundamental needs of a person’s life, it seems that only a house can be called a complete home, they can say is to have a home of their own. Under dozens of developers competing, Fuzhou land prices to a higher level — 51 Fuzhou Metro plots shoot floor price up to 45511 yuan / square meters, South Sanhuan Fuzhou Beaufort town land shoot floor price will be close to 20000 yuan / square meters. Insiders said that after the Fuzhou soil shoot downtown prices is expected to exceed 50000 yuan / square meters, along Sanhuan prices will be 25000 yuan / square meters over mark.

The most expensive land prices,

frequency is too high to be reached? Many buyers are turning to the north of Fuzhou gui’an.

"to buy room, you can buy a suite, Gui’an sold in the market Gui’an Xintiandi, the residential hardcover price of less than" 8 "prefix. The most important thing is that you have a beautiful environment, high-grade residential, well-known schools, three hospitals, shopping malls, theme parks, star hotels and other supporting facilities. At the same time, Fuzhou city north to the second channel is about to be built, after the opening of your security to the city as long as more than and 10 minutes. Welcome to the overall value of the regional security, the price depression effect is more prominent.

market prices too high to be reached Gui’an into the final price depression

yesterday’s earth shot scene, called the king relay race.

South Sanhuan Beaufort town plots, the floor price of 15038 yuan / square meters, the actual floor price of nearly 20000 yuan / square meters.

51 51 Road Metro plots, the floor price of 21685 yuan / square meters, the actual floor price of about 455 million 110 thousand yuan / square meters.

South Road on the eastern side of Dongsheng town land, the floor price of 16773 yuan / square meters.

insiders said that according to the premium, the fastest this year, Fuzhou will form a 7-5-3 pattern. That is, 70 thousand of the city center, the second ring of the third, within the three ring 30 thousand in the 50 thousand.

property buyers have written accounts, a three ring 100 square houses, the total price of the price of 3 million, the majority of ordinary property buyers can only look room sound sigh.

your security, it has become the first choice for the general public house of high prices.

it is understood that the current market in the sale of the main Gui’an Gui’an Xintiandi, the hardcover housing sales price is only 7800 yuan / square meters. Real estate experts generally believe that: "you are a typical price Fuzhou depression."


just started to buy a set of three room apartment layout said, "more than and 10 minutes to 54 CBD, and Fu Jian

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