Entrepreneurship should be how to select partners

entrepreneurship, looking for a suitable partner, is a very important thing. Entrepreneurship should not look for a business partner this problem, not like the above financial knowledge, and basically no answer. But I can give you a few thoughts.


by many cases I know, related business partners, or a high success rate. Even good friends, do business together, it is easy to quarrel or even break up, there is a blood relationship is the benefit of the blood of this link, the general two like quarrel, will not eventually break up.


, (a statement is 80% start-ups), in five years, before the collapse of "to survive" on the way…… Basically, after the initial success, you choose talent is relatively easy. But before this, must face the lack of funds, open a good condition to attract talents embarrassment. Think again, should not find a guy with risks,


available at a critical moment, the principle of his life is revealed: he betrayed me, for the benefits of their own. Then he said to me, "do you think for me, I want to get married, but I don’t even have a house."


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