Eight proposals for Rural Entrepreneurship

is now in the rural areas of entrepreneurial activity has become very common, at the same time, there are a lot of young people will start the eyes to the vast rural areas, entrepreneurship in rural areas also need some good social suggestions.

to realize agriculture

"Zhiyizhibi, baizhanbudai" agriculture is both simple and hard to say. Simple is because see every day, go out seven pieces of things, not from agriculture, farmers to times is handy. It is difficult to agricultural knowledge inclusive Vientiane, including astronomy, geography, physics, chemistry. It can only start from the good, and then develop a kind of specificity, efficiency. Therefore, investment in agriculture should be kept in mind, the most ordinary things are often the most outstanding is not easy.

by carefully, the reasonable layout of

Agricultural wide, more business opportunities. Investment in agriculture is still a lot of problems to consider. First, the cost of investment accounting, for example, the current domestic employment in agriculture is more, how to improve the use efficiency also have their own good to calculate. Also, how to create comprehensive benefits, consider how to intercropping, crop rotation, three-dimensional, industry chain and so on, these costs may be considered to be good, to reduce a lot of benefits, naturally come out.


according to local conditions, from time to time

inseparable from agriculture, cannot do without, different soil, different climate, different crops, even fertilization pesticide is different, in the absence of facilities cultivation, according to local conditions can not be ignored, Lin Zelin, Yi Yi grass, suitable for cultivation, cultivation. Give full play to the advantages of its geography and climate, make full use of natural resources, agriculture to engage in something or a lot.

the market as the center, do for planting, because price listed


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