Guy 500 yuan started selling online wealth barbecue

Guide: success success is constantly looking for ways, rather than in the face of setbacks after they choose to escape discouraged. In many successful entrepreneurs who, also have these qualities, to find business opportunities in the market, the market is the only way to explore the mining business success and win the trick. Next, Xiaobian take you with a guy 500 yuan started selling online barbecue wealth story.

on the roadside a charcoal stove, put some meat and vegetables, a barbecue has become. But after a 80 boys Li Ye has made a new pattern, the barbecue stalls on the net. One day in October 2008, Li Ye at home to help his father take care of the barbecue business, "the day in my mind a sudden idea, why not put the grill to online?" said, Li Ye began creating his barbecue shop network.

The shop is selling


season can earn more than 10 thousand a day

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