Chinese shoes ten cutting edge brand rankings

speaking of shoes, brand on the market but the times are changing, too many to count, the women’s natural market has also ushered in the great changes. In addition to the traditional very high visibility of the brand, there are some new brand of natural. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce new shoes China ten brand list for you.

The rise of

a fashion brand, mainly its brand spirit, the whole spirit of the times and the real needs of consumers, the three are very important, only do these three points, in order to achieve the brand invincible in a period. Back in 2015, what are the cutting-edge fashion brand shoes attracted the attention of the industry, Xiaobian look at:

‘s ten China cutting-edge brand ranking NO.1:KOMANIC Ke G [fashion] Marnie global synchronization

with a "global synchronous fashion" for the pursuit of fashion, style, update fast, cost-effective features quickly attracted the concern of the industry, for 2 consecutive years ranked Tmall Internet brand sales of the first brand new KOMANIC Ke Marnie grams, in 2014 and March this year after 50 million stocks under pressure, the top investment company IDG A round of investment capital, became the 2015 China 10 one of the cutting-edge brand shoes.

‘s ten Chinese cutting-edge brand rankings: NO.2 point for love than [fashion]


With the continuous change of the times, the modern women are influenced by the diversified culture and form an independent aesthetic experience.

. The traditional style of shoes has been unable to meet the demand of fashion in this generation of people. Fashion is a kind of wisdom, is a kind of creation, than love point shoes designer bold to experience life, with a keen sense of touch, creating fashion era, perfect fashion elements into the love point of fashion shoes, popular consumer favorite.

‘s ten China cutting-edge brand ranking [NO.3:AEE] love at the forefront of fashion

AEE originated in the European fashion capital of Italy, in the world of AEE, women and shoes, is an eternal love story. Since entering Chinese 04 years, AEE and its detailed design to work, and gradually establish a boutique shoes reputation, AEE has always been at the forefront of fashion. Indeed, for a new shoes, AEE began to design, discussion, modification from the last, and the cortex, height, curvature, bow foot shoes… Each step carefully, AEE abandon the general brand due to the market pressure, but often at the expense of creativity, the details of the approach.

‘s ten Chinese cutting-edge brand rankings: Hasen NO.4 [

] you grasp the trend of leather shoes


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