Retail store operators how to deal with customer bargaining

as long as there is a commodity transaction, it will certainly involve the price of goods, after all, this is one of the most basic elements of the transaction. In short, the price is a key factor in determining the purchase of customers. So, do business shop, meet customer bargaining is inevitable. In the face of customers bargain, even cut quickly what to do? Do you boss may have their own coup. The following is the Shandong province Yangxin County shop several longer retail customers, to see how they respond to customer Kanjia, perhaps to your store some reference and help.

retail clients:

approach: attitude decides everything

in 2004 I began to do business, face to bargain customers, I think the attitude is everything. You want to, ah, the customer does not want to be happy, happy shopping. Don’t say so, because the customer’s bargain and annoyed, since customers bargain, that want to buy intention is obvious.

so, even if some customers cut prices are not reliable, but also to amiable attitude, smiling, impatient, always with a cordial, warm tone, patience and interpretation, customer will be happy to buy goods. Besides the warm service in order to allow customers more comfortable, of course, if you can not buy friends, way more than friends, is not material wealth brings us spiritual wealth, you say, right?

retail customers: Liu Rongzhi

response: to explain a penny a cargo of truth

some customers love to bargain, I shop the commodity price is already very low, not much profit, but customers still and you constantly tangled prices, in the face of such a situation, don’t give up, be cheerful to say that, "you are right, the general customers began to have the same with you the views, even I am no exception.

but smart consumers like you may understand the truth of "one penny, one penny"." In this way, I would like to express the same views with customers, so that customers feel our understanding and respect, which naturally will pave the way for the next step to convince each other. Generally speaking, when the customer learns that the commodity price is high because of the good quality, the price will not be cut.

retail customers: Zhao Xilong

response: sincerity + integrity = success

do business, I think we must establish their own principles, my principle is: sincere + integrity, in order to keep the customer, let the students >

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