Malatang stores business tips

a little spicy stores, do not need much cost, this is the best way to get rich entrepreneurs, about Malatang stores business tips, every entrepreneur should seriously understand and master the relevant skills, in order to maneuver in the snack industry over, follow small look at it together!

control risk

We must analyze various current own comprehensive stores before Mala

, such as financial status, interpersonal relationship, work experience, if there is no catering business experience, before entering a new industry in you, do not do can only win lose business.


said that failure is the mother of success, but too many people can not lose, control your desire to invest, especially to the ring of greed, greed, greed, corruption, cheap fast face, these are likely to make your investment failure, the failure is only a little money, may your family and friends. No matter what shop are at risk, according to their investment budget to operate, do not open debt Malatang franchise business, be sure to keep in mind!

exclusive formula

Malatang stores to have their own unique formula, so even if people imitate or have their own characteristics. Do the spicy snacks not only unique taste, also retained their original taste, so that customers love are not released.

can operate season

winter Malatang needless to say. People generally believe that: the summer Malatang business off-season in the fact that this is a misunderstanding. Did the Malatang business all know that summer is more hot days business is better, have good conditions of air conditioning needless to say; bad conditions of side blowing fan drinking cold beer; side wipes constantly wipe mouth also shouted: boss " add some pepper! If not see can’t imagine small spicy hot competition can have so much charm!" So investors do not think that summer is the season and let down.

operating place

The selected

stores and facade Malatang places of choice in the school, the station, the downtown pedestrian street and food street or residential area is the most suitable. The facade of the size according to their own circumstances do not need more high-end luxury decoration is more close to the mass of chastity. But signs must be eye-catching to be attractive.

described above is about Malatang stores business tips as a hot item in the food and beverage industry, it has been countless entrepreneurs sought after, in the fierce market competition pressure snacks, only continue to sum up the business. "

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