Zhejiang youth entrepreneurship association was established in Hangzhou

is currently a suitable for the development of youth entrepreneurship era, young people have a great enthusiasm and rapid learning ability, very suitable for innovation. Zhejiang Youth Entrepreneurs Association is a young entrepreneurs to improve the success rate, the bridge of communication between the young entrepreneurs.

Zhejiang as a market economy region, the development of private economy, entrepreneurial culture is thick, the central policies and Zhejiang good business atmosphere, the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, become the power of entrepreneurship has become an important choice of the college graduates and youth groups.

Zhejiang as the developed areas of China’s market economy, there are a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, the private economy has become a major feature of the economic development of Zhejiang province. The "Zhejiang model", "Zhejiang experience", "Zhejiang phenomenon", are increasingly being mentioned, "Zhejiang" has become an important driving force for China’s economic development. In such a good business atmosphere, Zhejiang young entrepreneurs have a good market environment, so to build a communication platform for the innovation of youth entrepreneurship, to create a good business environment for young entrepreneurs, will bring new opportunities for the development of the private economy in Zhejiang.

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