Selling cigarettes also need to integrate into culture

cigarettes as a gift for the new year’s day, has been an important product of a lot of shops, is the owner of the main commodities earned profits. Always, cigarettes can be said to be the treasure of each store in the town shop, although the profit is not very big to sell cigarettes, but it is one of the main sources of revenue.


, often hear people talk about tobacco culture, I have not to regard it as right, just simply want to sell cigarettes, smoking a smoke on the line, still need what culture ah, the idea is to sell cigarettes and sell cigarettes, there is no the meaning of this cigarette as one thing. But with the increase of age and experience, deeply understand the importance of tobacco culture, cigarette began to consciously cultivate the historical culture, brand characteristics, knowledge of the content of tar and so on, different recommendation for their brand of smokers.

over the years, but also because of my understanding of cigarette culture, and increased a lot of loyal old customers. Because we have a lot of people living in the south, Anhui’s friends, love to smoke "Mount Huangshan", Jiangxi’s friends, love to smoke "golden saint", Hubei friends, love to smoke "Yellow Crane Tower"…… I know, far away from home, they smoke not just cigarettes, but the unique flavor of home ah!

of course, because of cigarettes in the chat, the custom and human feelings in their home places of historic interest and scenic beauty…… Is also the content of our chat, therefore, our relationship is closer and tighter. Also, every year we go home, always recommend Shandong Taishan cigarettes, ask is to put the cigarette for someone, I’ll choose different Taishan cigarettes.

For example: if

to give parents, to recommend Taishan (chicken); if gave the old father-in-law, to recommend Taishan (Wang Yue); sent to friends and family to recommend Taishan (peace); to friends, to recommend Taishan (Grand)…… They listened to my advice, come back every year after the native always smiles to take some home thanks to me, said the home of relatives say they are concerned, the gifts are contained deep meaning and deep blessing. After listening to their words, not only for them to move, but also for their own moved!

would like to sell tobacco business to do a good job, but not just sitting in the shop, what customers need to take what, you also need to know how to promote sales, and want to sell successfully, you need to know more about tobacco culture. In short, because in the sale of cigarettes into a deep cultural connotation and sincere feelings, so there are a lot of foreign customers have not only become my store irons, but also become a talk about friends.

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