Brand clothing investment matters needing attention

any project in the investment will be prepared before a lot of things, because it is related to the development prospects of the project. For many brands especially new market brand, investment is a move to open the market of the key, in the current market situation, clothing dealer team is uneven in quality, how can you dragons and fishes jumbled together, move to the right partner?


1, wholesale model

2, franchise mode

by franchise mode, the company chartered headquarters directly terminal franchisee, or by chartered middlemen terminal franchisee development. Terminal operating in a unified brand style. Now more than the use of franchise brand franchise operation.

3, agent model

this pattern is generally the national market according to geographical features is divided into several regional market, set up agents in each region, enterprises authorized agents responsible for the region’s product sales, development and management of the subordinate agents by terminal operators.

4, branch model

manufacturers directly set up branches in each area, directly by the branch management and terminal operators, or the creation of stores and shopping malls counters, supermarket in. What kind of channel model will you use? In determining the location of your channel, you can conduct investment operations.

A, through the media advertising investment through advertising in the media to publish merchants more rapid dissemination of information products merchants will open, is a fast way to enter the market, but the cost is higher, and the vast majority of information are communicated to the non intention customers, relatively large waste. Because of the large amount of information, stay stable and save a long time and other reasons, the general plane media is more suitable as a carrier of investment advertising.

Choose the industry

The main content of

this type of media is around the clothing development, which have a relatively large impact on the industry, the industry also to readers, such as: "China newspaper", "clothing apparel, clothing >" times "

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